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New York New York - Frank Sinatra

A classic song from Frank Sinatra. For trumpet in level 9. Enjoy this nice song in


When You Wish Upon A Star - Leigh Harline and Ned Washington

From the movie Pinocchio, comes this wonderful melody, with a few quarter notes Composer Leigh and Ned have created this memorable melody.


I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

A classic country song. Learn to play this bass line in the guitar, and enjoy one of the greatest hits of Johnny Cash.


The Hanging Tree - James Newton Howard

From the movie The Hunger Games and the composer James Newton Howard comes this simple but expressive melody, learn to play it now.


Moon River - Henry Mancini

A medoly, unique and unforggetable. Henry Mancini composer af many melodies, but probably this is on of his greates. Play this for trumpet.


A Little Piece - Schumann

Classical music is fun to play, if you can play this song you are really good. For piano both hands.


Early Jazz Song - Victor M. Barba

An original song from Victor M. Barba. A simple easy Jazz song for beginners. Can you play this song?


True Love - Mantovani

A great song, and a beautiful melody. Mantovani plays this song really well, with a great arrangement.


At The Cross - Chris Tomlin

Let's praise the Lord with beautiful music. In we have Christian music from all your favorite artists.


O Little Town Of Bethlehem

Christmas music is here in, enjoy and learn to play all of your favorites Christmas songs and play with your friends and family.


Mary Had A Little Lamb

A classic children song. One of the easiest songs to play, and everyone that wants to learn to play piano eventually will play this song.


Tears In Heaven - Eric Clapton

A Classic rock song, from a great artist Eric Clapton. With a few notes you can play a great song.