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Learn to play any song, any time for free, plus tutorials and sheet music for music lessons

Imagine that you have millions of songs at your fingers tips. If you want to learn a song we can make an educational video or a tutorial to show you how you can play the song. We give you the Music Sheet PDF so you can download and print and play the song, we show you a video, and if the video is too difficult, we'll make it easier for you. And the coolest thing is that if you don't see the song you want, you can just contact us and request the song, we will make it for you, with music sheet notes and a cool video.

The image is showing a saxophone and a clarinet also a music sheet

We have songs in any level, and for any instruments. We have easy guitar songs, and easy piano songs. We have courses that you can take to learn about music theory, harmony, scales, chords, or anything you need, like strumming, rhythms or music history. We are making this site bigger and better every day, so you can find all you in one place, from beginners to advanced.

The image is a banner for The California Music Conservatory is the official site for the California Music Conservatory. If you finish a course with us, the Conservatory will send you an original and certified certificated showing that you finish the course. The California Music Conservatory, offers courses for all ages and for all instruments, learn music the right way.

Having all the songs in front of you will be too overwhelming, we are working on the search bar, for easy searching. Meanwhile you can request the song you want if you don't see it for now. Just contact Us and we'll make the song for you (for members only) everyone else is welcome to download, print and play the songs we have so far. Our catalogue of licensed digital sheet music and original material make us unique, and you always have a music teacher to answer all your questions.

We are a website dedicated to help students learn music the right way. We have the experience and the tools to help you enjoy music more, by learning to play the songs you want. With videos and educational material, that can make your learning journey more satisfying.

About the author

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Victor M. Barba is the founder of, the official site for the California Music Conservatory. Victor M. Barba is a composer, teacher and author of many music books in the world. He has been teaching for more than 30 years helping thousands of students reach their full potential. and all that experience is here, in songnes, so you can learn and benefit from it.

Victor M. Barba is also a developer. With more than 12 apps in the apple store and google play and also web developer, creator of many web sites. He knows how to learn something new, so he can help you learn more music in less time. And soon he will show you how you can make apps and web-sites here in songnes.

He is also a movie director, producer and writer. The movie "The Penny" was his first film, it was a creative work of art, with true life stories and a positive message for the whole family. And soon you'll be able to watch the movie here in songnes

He is a two times award winner, of a national composers competition. Winning first place in two years in a row, for his pieces "Piano Concerto No. 1" and "Symphonic Variations For PIano And Orchestra", which pretty soon you'll be able to enjoy here in songnes.

And Victor M. Barba is here to help you learn more. Just send an email and he will be answering all your questions, you have a great teacher willing to help you, all the time.

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Songnes is music for fun

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