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Premium Price is a FREE web site, you can enjoy a lot of songs and lessons, from the California Music Conservatory.

To request a song or to have access to all our songs, you need to become a member.

Each member receives a unique personalized web-page to track the learning process. Take a look at one of our Sample VIP Pages

Feel free to call right now for a personal attention 951-200-1979.

A member, or as we call it, a student of the California Music Conservatory, has the right to ask any question they need. As a student you can request any song or video, in any level and for any instrument, you have the right to ask questions, and the teacher will answer your questions, is like real lessons, where you can learn on line and have a personal teacher to answer your quaestions. You can send your videos to be check by the teacher and grade your performance and give you advices to learn better. You can have personal lessons on line, and the teacher will make videos for you. You can print any song you want, and if you need we can make the song easier or more advanced to suit your needs. As a student you will be eligible to receive a valid certified certificated from the California Music Conservatory, you just need to pass all the tests, and complete all the units and take all the necessary courses to receive it. As you can see we have many options for you, and all for a low price.

Right now, the only way to become a member or a valid student of the California Music Conservatory and to have a valid CMC-ID Number is to become a member or register as a student

Choose one of our three plans: BASIC, PLUS, PREMIUM.

You can pay 1) In person to the teacher at Easy Music School in Murrieta.

2) Contact Us and you can pay by credit card.

3) Click the subscribe and pay with PayPal.

Once you pay the fee, you become a valid student and you will receive your CMC-ID number, then you can use this number to ask questions or request songs, and everything else in the school.

If you have questions about becoming a member or enrolling in the school, let us know.

As of today 06/05/2020 we have 193 students and members in

Our goal is to have at least 3,000 thousand students!