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The Most Beautiful Melodies In The Universe


If you want to enjoy and listen to The Most Beautiful Melodies In The Universe, you can learn to play all of them with us.


Somewhere My Love - Maurice Jarre

Maurice Jarre a great film composer brings you this beatiful melody. A romantic tune for you to play piano.


Unstoppable Feelings - Victor M. Barba

Very simple piano song, with just whole notes in the bass line. With a few months of music lessons you should be able to play this song.


Heaven - Victor M. Barba

From the movie "The Penny" listen to this arrangement of the "Heaven" see what each instrument is playing.


The Friendship Theme - Georges Delerue

From the movie "Beaches" you can play this lovely theme. A simple theme for two great friends. From composer Georges Delerue.


Curtain Raiser - Turk

One of the easiest classical original songs here in songnes from the early 1800's.


Be Thou My Vision - Mary E. Byrne

We also have Christian music here in like this nice melody by Mary E. Byrne.


Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Christmas music is always fun to play, specially around the piano in a warn night. Open a present a play a song.


Galaxy - Victor M. Barba

Notice how easy is this song. Piano two hands but the lefy hand is only whole notes. This should be simple for you.


Can't Stop This Feeling - Justin Timberlake

A rhythmic song, from Justin Timberlake, play this song today in a piano or keyboard, it sounds great.


A Foggy Day - The Jazz Series

Another Jazz song, full orchestra. If you want to play this song in piano, and you don't know how, just request it with us.


Ancora Il Piu Bello - Victor M. Barba

Tranquility, serenity and peaceful feelings comes to mind, when listening to this song. Can you play it?.