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A program to learn chords


1 - Baby First Song - Em

Your very first song using chords, well only one chord, Em (E minor) This is a really easy chord for guitar, so we will start here. The Em chord has 3 notes: Mi-Sol-Si.


2 - Baby - Em

The same Em chord in another song, notice how the rhythm is different but still you can play it, because you know this chord.


3 - Bambino - Em

You can play as many songs as you like, as long as they have only one chord, the Em, because you know this chord.


4 - One Metal - Em

Just follow the rhythm of the song and play Em. Everytime you play, try to make a clear sound. For piano use two hands.


5 - The Only One - Em

Another song using Em, by now you should know this chord really well


6 - Siglos - Am

Time to learn a new chord, Am (A minor) The little "m" means minor. Only 3 notes in this chord. Am has 3 notes: La-Do-Mi. If you don't see a chord on top of the measure, don't play anything


7 - I Am - Am-Em

Now you know two chords, let's change from one to another, this may take a little more practice. Do not play the next song, until you can play this one really well.


8 - A Minor One - Am

One more song to practice the Am chord. Follow the rhythm of the song all the time, and play on time with the music.


9 - Konichiwa - Am-Em

A Japaneese style song with only two chords, Am and Em. Most of this kind of music you can use two chords.


10 - Twice A Rock - Am-Em

There are not many soongs using Am, and Em. These are just songs I made for you to practice.