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21 - Home Is Not Far - C-Dm-A7-G7-Am-G

The new chord is A7. It has four notes: La-Do#-Mi-Sol. In this song you will find a few repeats, make sure you play them. Also notice how you have a lot of chords, and you should know all of them.


22 - In My Arms - A-E-A7-D

New chord E. E manjor has three notes: Mi-Sol#-Si. This song is not difficult, just make sure you play the correct chords. Also, start making more changes in rhythms.


23 - Lonely Wolf - C-E7-Am-Dm-G

New chord in this song is E7. Four notes: Mi-Sol#-Si-Re. Remember that every seventh chord has four notes.


24 - Texas Kid - A-D-A-E-A

A basic country song. Keep the tempo the same as the music, and you can give a little bass in the left for the piano, or the fifth or sixth string in the guitar.


25 - Never In Life - C-Am-Cmaj7-G7-C-Em

We have a new chord here, Cmaj7. This is C Major 7. This type of chords have also four notes, this one is: Do-Mi-Sol-Si.


26 - Heaven Of Love - Em-G-C-D

In this song we don't have any new chords, because you know so many that you can just play this song like nothing


27 - If - A-Bm-E-A7-D-F#m

Bm and F#m are the new chords here. In the guitar these are BAR chords, not to easy to play, you may need a lot of time to play them. This is the next level if you really want to play guitar better.


28 - Please Don't Cry Anymore - D-Bm-G-A

A simple balad, using Bm, This progression is very popular D, Bm, G, and A.


29 - The Right Choice - G-Am-Em

Another song to practice chords, at this level you should be fairly good in playing chords in time, keep going you are doing great.


30 - Somebody That I Want To Know - Dm-C-Bb

A new chord is Bb, the notes are: Sib-Re-Fa. Also a bar chord in the guitar, but if you played the song "If" then this should not be a problem.