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Vocal and voice studies are the best to make your register larger, train your voice sing higher or lower, learn to breath and sing better. vocal studies will help you stay in tune and learn scales to sing melodies in tune all the time. Choose a study and sing it perfect, on time. You can do one by one or play the ones that you like the best.

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This is the F Scale for Voice. If you really want to get better in singing and sing more in time and in tune, you need to sing this scale at least 10 times everyday, for about 6 months. I know is a lot, but you need a lot to make your voice better. If you don't know the name of the notes in the scale learn them. You have to sing using the real name of the notes. Notice how on top of the piano you can see the notes, with Flat symbols, but in the lyrics I use only Syllables, like if they were words of a song. Memorize the scale.

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