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Where Is Love By Lionel Bart Swinging Sam By Nancy Faber Dill Pickle Stomp By Nancy Faber Blue Moon By Glenn Miller
God Is Our Majesty Sheet Music PDF By Victor M. Barba At The Cross By Chris Tomlin With Sheet Music PDF Unstoppable Feelings By Victor M. Barba with sheet music in PDF Can't Stop The Feeling By Justin Timberlake With Sheet Music PDF By Victor M. Barba
A Groove Kind Of Love By Phil Collins with sheet music in PDF and video tutorial Card for Contact Us Card for Contact Us Card for Contact Us

Songs in level 16 of the California Music Conservatory. To go to the next level, you ned to play one song per week, during five consecutive weeks.


Read LEVEL 3 - PLAIN ( introductory level A ) first. Depending on the student and the teacher, you can mix some songs from these 5 levels, some song maybe easier to play than other, or for some students one song maybe more difficult to play, so you can get a song from intermediate level B and one song from intermediate level C, the songs in these levels are for reference only, and are placed more or less in order, but some teachers may place a song in a different level then the original one, is okay, as long as you get the approval from a certified California Music Conservatory Teacher, you should be fine. Play 5 songs from this level

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