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The Little Drummer Boy Aubree By Victor M. Barba A Simple Song In D By Victor M. Barba Deck The Halls
Amore Piu Grande By Victor M. Barba When A Child Is Born Joy With Sheet Music PDF By Victor M. Barba Simple Bb By Victor M. Barba with sheet music PDF
Smiling By Victor M. Barba with sheet music PDF The Happy Song By Victor M. Barba with sheet music PDF Calm From Minecraft with sheet music in PDF Always On My Mind By Willie Nelson with Sheet music in PDF
Galvestone By Glen Campbell with Sheet music in PDF Old Days By Victor M. Barba with Sheet music in PDF The Dance By Garth Brooks With Sheet Music in PDF Card for Contact Us

Songs in level 12 of the California Music Conservatory. To go to the next level, you ned to play one song per week, during five consecutive weeks.


This is a complementary level to learn just chords. The same as the previous levels, but now you have 4 chords. Thousands of songs can be played using only 4 chords, in fact most of the songs can be played with 4 chords or less. The difference is the key, if you play a song with 4 chords in the key of C, you need to know 4 chords in C, like C, Am, Dm and G... but the same song in the key of Eb has these 4 chords, Eb, Cm, Fm and Bb, as you can see the 4 chords in C are totally different then the 4 chords in Eb, so to play 2 songs you need to know 8 differen chords, but if you play both songs in the the of C, then you only need to know 4 chords. So you can play almost any song, in the key of C or the key of G. Later you will be able to play in more keys.

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