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This lessons are designed to complete the Guitar 101 Course, offered by the California Music Conservatory. Where you can obtain a valid certificate from the Conservatory. When you finish all seven levels you will receive the certificate. You must be a student register at the conservatory. To register as a student please visit the Membership Center to register. Start learning today!

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The basic of the Guitar.

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Two Six strings open are: E - A - D - G - B - E.

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The Frets.

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Parts of the guitar.

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The TAB has six lines.

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The Note Do.

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The Staff.

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The Treble Clef.

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The Time Signature.

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The Whole Note.

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The Whole Rest.

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The Double Bar Line.

The Note Do

The Note Do.

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The Bar Line.

The Note Do

Just Two Notes.

The Same Note Four Times

The Same Note Four Times.

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