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The Beginning
The Beginning
In space, there was a universe, far from our own universe,
a universe knobody knew it existed. It had nothing!
It was black, pitch black. No light, no color, no nothing.
The Cube
The Cube
One red cube was born.
From the outside it looked like a regular cube
You could say, he was no special at all, he's name was Bob.
Nobody knew where he came from, or how he was there
but he had a special reason to be there
he was very special, just like you.
Bob Is Rotating
Bob Is Rotating
He can rotate.
He was so happy, he could rotate, he could be spinning all the time.
that was he's favorite thing to do, spinning, turning all day long!

But wait, there was no day, remember?, in that universe there was no light!
so it was dark all the time, but Bob was happy, because he could rotate.
and he was very good at it!
Bob rotates in all directions.
Bob rotates in all directions.
After a while, he discover how to rotate in other directions.
Front to back, left to right, up and down,
that day was his favorite day of all time!

He was the happiest cube in the universe...
of course, he was the only one.
It was okay, as long as he can spin and rotate, and turn around he was happy.
Bob and Willy
Bob and Willy
After many time of being alone, finally Bob had a friend!
Willy, the little cube.
Willy can rotate just like Bob, but Willy had many colors!
He was smaller, but that was okay, he could spin like no one.

Both of them were having so much fun,
they were playing all day long.

They used to rece each other to see who was faster,
sometimes Bob will win, and sometimes Willy will win
they were best friends!
Eva is here
Eva is here
One day, they looked, and there she was, Eva.
A cute nice Oval, Eva was beatiful.
They never have seen an oval before, so they liked it a lot
and she too, could spin, and rotate, and twirl, and gyrate!
Eva was their friend, and the three of them played all day long.

It was a perfect universe, a perfect world!
The Monster
The Monster
One day, when Bob and Willy were far away.
A monster came from another universe.
He was going direct to get Eva, she couln't move.
When the monster touced Eva, she disappeared!
oh no, she was gone, and Bob and Willy couln't do anything about it.
The Ghost Universe
The Ghost Universe
The monster had sent Eva to a ghost universe.
Many ghost creautures from different forms live there.
Ghosts have no color, just wires.
Eva will turn into a ghost, if she stay there long enough.
She was lost forever...
Spinny was a cute little ghost, he was a happy ghost.
He could spinn so fast, like no one.
And he could be very good at it.
He wanted Eva to be just like him, so he could have a frind.
But then, Eva will no longer live with Bob And Willy.
He was the slowest ghost ever... like really slow.
But he was happy being slow.
He was there in the ghost universe, longer than anyone else.
no one knew why he was that slow.
Maybe when he was alive, he moved so fast, that now he just wanted to relax.
He was little, Tiny was really little, and it was okay with him.
And he was not as slow as Lenty, and not as fast as Spinny.
But he liked to change places.
He would be in one place and then, move to another place.
you'll never know where he will be from one moment to another.
Oh, what is this one...he is a ghost inside a ghost!
he is very weird. He was not happy at all.
He didn't like to have a ghost inside.
and the ghost inside was not happy to be there, he wanted to be outside.
he was sad all the time and had no friends.
The Green World
The Green World
Meanwhile, somehow Bob got the power to turn any color he wanted.
With that power he could visit any color world.
He went to the green color, to look for Eva.
The green figures there will try to smash Bob.
but he was okay, because he was the same color as all of them.
they could not harm him
The Red World
The Red World
Bob went to the red world looking for Eva.
She was not there also.
But Bob found many friends there, they all wanted to be like Bob.
He stay there for a while, but he wanted to keep looking for Eva.
Bob liked the red world.
The Blue World
The Blue World
The blue world was different from the other worlds.
even though the world was blue, the creatures behave in a strange way.
Everytime, someone visit their world, the creatures will turn in a different color.
And just like the birds, they will go in the same direction.
Bob was facinated with this.
There was only three bad creatures trying to harm Bob
Willy's Galaxy
Willy's Galaxy
Willy found a galaxy, full of creatures just like him.
it was so amazing, he was born right there.
He was so happy to see all his little brothers.
He wanted to stay longer with them, but he couln't.
he needed to find Eva.
Willy's Galaxy
Willy goes to a place to find a wise old wizard
he told him that he and bob had to go to the "Values Universe"
The values Universe had many worlds
in there they will have to find 7 keys
each key will be in a different world
Willy's Galaxy
Bob and Willy travel to the Value Universe
were they found many worlds, in the largest star they saw a fairy
they told her they were looking for the 7 keys
she told them to go the the forgiveness world first
Willy's Galaxy
In the forgiveness world they had to learn how to forgive
in order to get the first key
here is a story were they learn how to forgive
after a great lesson, they got one key
Willy's Galaxy
They will go to the world of honesty
Willy's Galaxy
after getting all the keys
they will go to the ghost universe to save Eva
Willy's Galaxy
They found Eva, and instead of she turning into a ghost
she was turning one ghost at a time into color, making them live again
Willy's Galaxy
it turns out that Eva had the power of music
were she could sing and play songs to the ghost and make them live again
and be happy
and the Monster, was not a monster
it was an Angel, that sent Eva to a greater purpose
we all have a purpose in life
Willy's Galaxy
Eva was there making the ghost happy
Every once in a while, Bob and Willy will visit their friend
to tell her, all about the adventures they found in so many universe they visited
and all of them lived happily ever after