Concatenation is putting two or more things in one line

Let's say I want to write "I want to learn php in to write a music program"

code in php

I want to learn php in songnes, to write a music program

First we create a variable $learn to hold the value of "php"

Then we create another variable $program to put "music"

don't forget to put the semicolon ; at the end of each line;

Then we echo the line, but we put it together using the "dot" .

So you type a string of thext and then a .

right next to the dot, the variable name

then another string, notice how you leave a space.

Finish with the semicolon;

The idea of this is very useful, later you can just change the "value" of the variable and the program will update automatically.

Instead of $learn = "php";, you can have $learn = "html"; or $learn = "anything";

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